Our Goals

To educate all personnel involved in aquatic education on the importance of being professionally trained, ie, at least a Basic Teachers Certificate. To teach children and adults to swim by providing structured lessons, supervised by qualified Aquatic Educators, through which all swimmers may develop their swimming skills to their full potential.
To create a structured learning progression that is achievable for students of all ages.

Our Method

Our lessons promote water familiarization and exploration. It is important that children feel comfortable with being in the water. We start from Water Confidence, then go on to develop Water Sense and lastly, Water Wise, which is safety & survival skills. To equip students with safety and survival capabilities – ranging from basic techniques of clothed survival swimming, developing their swimming skills and lastly, improving their personal fitness.

Our Syllabus

Aquatic Star courses are conducted to progressively develop our students physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. A new set of skills will be introduced at each level, combined with elements of fun and games to maintain our students continued interest in swimming. But most importantly, students will be taught water confidence and aquatic survival skills by a trained Aquatic Educator. Students will be taught utilizing STA as well as our own Learn to Swim syllabus.