Swimming Teachers Certificate (STC)


This is a continuing certificaton program for individuals who are currently teaching swimming and holds the Basic Teacher Certificate (BTC). Receipient of this award are classified as full fledge aquatic educators who are competent to teach unassisted.

Prospective candidate must be 17years of age on the date of registration and are able to swim the four basic strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) for 50meters. In addition, candidate must possess an active Bronze Medallion certificate or equivalent (ILS).

The program structure consist of theory and practical sessions which focus on strokes techniques, faults and correction as well as teaching practices and points. Assessment is through coursework, written examination and microteaching.

Candidates will be awarded the prestigious STC (UK) upon satisfactory completion of the entire course, passing both the written exam and microteaching as well as the compulsory attachment hours.